Klay Thompson

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Klay Thompson from Golden State Warriors must be one of the gretest shooters in NBA long history. He joined NBA and Golden State Warriors since 2011, and got much honnor there including NBA all Star and NBA championship as well as USA Basketball Team in 2016. As biggest sports brand in China, Anta signed Klay Thompson in 2014 and the contrat is 10 year. Meanwhile, the acquisiion of Fila made Anta the third sports brand worldwide. Before Thompson, Anta also signed some big NBA players like Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and Luis Scola, but only Klay makes Anta more popular internatinally for their classic Anta KT shoes, apparel and accessory. So far from now, Anta released Anta KT1 to KT5 basketball shoes, lifestyle wear and others by builting with Anta highest tech and designer like Robbie Fuller. They are not only hot in China but also popular around the world.No matter how much the deal is, this collabration between Anta and Klay Thompson is huge success for them. We are glad that the latest new KT sneakers and other are available on sale in our online outlet.