Anta The Shield 1 Men’s High Basketball Sneaker-Black/White


Compared with traditional basketball shoes, The Shield 1 also pays more attention to protecting the athlete’s ankle. The fabric requirements of the shoes are very strict. In the small details, the style of Anta air cushion technology is reflected. The innovation and upgrade have created The Shield 1 generation. 深海.蓝The vast energy hidden in the blue sea, the huge waves rolled up the breakthrough from the stadium, sweeping – the opponent trying to struggle, the all-around defense without gaps, alternating the shield of the sea in the deep sea.
Series: Basketball
Style Code & Color: 91711101-3 Black/White
Material: Textile+ Synthetic leather
Sole: Rubber + EVA + TPU
Tech: A-Flashfoam,A-WEB
Function: Cushioning, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Support
Release Date: 2017 Spering
Conditions: 100% Authentic and Brand New
1. Thickened partition tongue, built-in soft sponge fabric, close to the ankle, can be used to close the upper surface with the tongue groove.
2. Innovative heel design, high-integrated one thickened woven seams, fine sewing thread work.
3. Bold innovative floral logo design basketball shoes new experience.
4. Adopt Anta air suspension vibration technology to effectively reduce sports impact and protect the heel.
5. Wear-resistant rubber technology, high-quality wear-resistant rubber and water ripple road to better grip.
6. The armor continuation tongue is matched with the grab and strap system to further enhance the package.

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