Anta KT7 Valentine’s Day – Flamingo

Anta KT7 Valentine's Day

The lack of KT6 Valentine’s Day makes the kt7 more unique. In fact, this color matching should be inherited. After all, the color of the sneaker matching still comes from the West.
The overall shoe is made of fabric surface and pp film interspersed, but the main part is the fabric craft of flamingo pattern, which is very vivid, the main logo is the love figure (heart) and shoes of two flamingos intertwined on the tongue. The lifting tag of the heel is special with heart pattern.
The KT7 sole is built with rubber outsole, which is different with others. Normally light color shoes are made up with transparent ice sole. This time, the rubber sole is used, which is indeed unexpectedly good. Valentine’s Day is a natural color scheme, but the design of the Bahamian flamingo is very interesting and interesting. The characteristic of flamingos is that they only have one spouse in their life. Does this not prove the loyalty of love?

Grab the KT7 SNEAKERS here: KT7 Flamingo Valentines Day

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