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The results of the NBA Draft draw are announced. Warriors fans know what the second pick means to the Warriors’ future; the Warriors are ready to use this draft pick to take Wiseman.
The Warriors’ reconstruction process should be considered the shortest and most terrifying in NBA history. The second pick is a good complement to the football team’s lineup configuration requirements, and the Warriors will still have the ability to attack the championship next season!
But the most exciting thing for Warriors fans next season is that Klay Thompson will return in his best form!
No one will forget how terrible G6 soup is. He is someone who doesn’t even participate in the recruitment of Durant!
ANTA KT6 is here!
As the responsible spokesperson of the Anta brand, Clay exposed KT6 at this time!
Compared with KT5, KT6 first solves the design of the vamp-covering Velcro that many people complain about. The covering Velcro is directly removed, but it is obviously more concise and fit.
The overall shoe body created by the multi-material composite structure is believed to be a big surprise in terms of wearing comfort.
From the picture of the outsole, whether the black part of the midfoot position is a large TPU torsion sheet or a carbon plate, the torsional stability of the sneaker does not need to be worried.
This man who is calmer than anyone on the court makes everyone look forward to KT6! !

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