Anta KT5

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KT5 is klay Thompson’s fifth signature shoes from Anta.
KT5 was released from anta in 2019 Sep with first 3 colorways including “Home”,“Klay Theism”,“The Third Jersey”。
The design of the shoe box is very hard, Thompson’s own “SM face” is also very realistic and interesting. Similar to the laser process Rocco。
KT5 in the design, using black and red purple color, continued the streamline outsole. In the visual black-violet combination, the three-color gradient processing method highlights the futuristic; in addition, the pixelated design language is also the biggest difference between KT5 and the previous four generations. The full wrap is designed with a Velcro that provides an excellent wrap feel.Open the Velcro to see the Thompson signature on the inside tongue.
In terms of material, KT5’s A-WEB is fully woven to help make the shoes light enough;
Double TPU stabilizer and full strap structure provide support stability, double anti-twist protection, meets the Thompson’s minimalist design. The thickness of the A-Flashfoam is obviously lower than that of the KT4, and the outer layer is also reinforced on the inner side to enhance the functionality; the FLASHFOAM light and stable heel, the “v” shape (Roman numeral 5), and There is a number “11” carved on it. FLASHFOAM cushions and rebounds technology materials to accumulate ground impact.
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