Anta 2019 Klay Thompson KT5 Women’s Basketball Shoes-Disco Ball


When the NBA Warriors won the championship this year, Anta designers discussed the design with Thompson and finally decided on the latest Anta KT5. In Shanghai, we witnessed the release of its new fifth-generation boots KT5. At the same time, we also released a variety of color matching KT5, which can also be called KTV (V is Roman numeral 5, a pun).Klay Thompson’s trip to China this summer was called “Klay Theism China Tour”, and the fifth-generation boots were also named “KT5-Klay Theism”, according to Klay Thompson’s philosophy of survival inside and outside the stadium. For the first time, Anta team extracted the concept of “Klayism 11 training”, which can also be understood as Clay’s 11 stadium creeds, such as RULE NO.4: Unconscious is the highest consciousness; RULE NO.5: Impromptu at any time, do not refuse to join happiness The matter… “Klayism 11 training” is actually a true portrayal of Klay Thompson.

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