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ANTA Nitrogen Technology is revolutional tech from Anta. Introduced in Sep 2021, Anta officially announced the tech of Anta Nitrogen. ANTA Nitrogen Technology enabled products to be more “Resilient, Lightweight and Long-lasting”, providing professional runners and sports enthusiasts alike with a smooth running, as well as a high-bouncing, experience. The new generation of midsole technology creates the ultimate lightweight running experience. It is also the first nylon elastomer microcellular foaming technology. Under supercritical conditions, the superb elasticity in the midsole is created by using nitrogen as physical foaming agent, bringing a high rebound and cushioning function. In addition, the midsole’s anti-deformation function has been further upgraded to give the shoe greater stability.
Until so far, the tech can be spotted on premium Anta shoes like ANTA KT7 basketball shoes or Anta C202 GT running shoes.

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